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Mosem is a word common in Farsi, Arabic, Urdu, and Hindi meaning "time of year, appropriate season".  Mosem Platform with an interdisciplinary approach in art and humanities, focuses on cultural, historical and political studies from and about the Middle East, the Subcontinent and Central Asia.

Iran’s neighboring countries are categorized under several arbitrary demarcations such as South Caucasus, Central Asia, South Asia, the Subcontinent, and the Middle East. When we generally refer to this cultural map as  “the Middle East, Central Asia and the Subcontinent we mean: Arab Countries, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.


This collaborative platform brings together artists, writers and researchers to explore the common roots of this cultural map by means of a visual and textual archive. The content on Mosem platform is generally from the curated or individual artistic projects in addition to essay writing and research material.


Yasaman Tamizkar

Board Members

Hamed Jaberha

Mariam Rasti

Mojtaba Zoghi



Studio "HEH"

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